The Benefits of Buying a Tonneau Cover

High-quality truck bed covers may not be for everyone, but if you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a working professional, then you’ve come to the right place! Mid-South Truck Gear is here to provide exceptional results for drivers in need of quality products at the lowest prices.

Tonneau covers, or truck bed covers, provide an ideal cover over the bed of your vehicle. This sleek addition can provide a number of benefits for drivers in need:

  • Tidy transportation — Whether you’re loading up tools in the bed of your truck or a visiting family member’s luggage, a tonneau cover can help to keep everything in place. Cut out the wind and achieve peace of mind as you head down the highway.
  • Product protection — Beyond the wind, rain and snow can wreak havoc on the bed of your truck. A tonneau cover can help keep your possessions safe as you travel.
  • Awesome aesthetics — You can create a sleek, polished look for your truck. Our truck shop offers a wide range of styles to perfectly match your other vehicle improvements.
  • Secure storage — Your cargo may be valuable, and you certainly don’t want others to see or even steal what’s in the back of your truck. Truck bed covers offer an effective way to secure everything in your truck, delivering additional peace of mind.
  • Effective fuel efficiency — Many drivers are happy to learn that a tonneau cover can reduce the air drag placed on the tail of their vehicle. This truck accessory improves aerodynamics, saving you a considerable amount in the long run.
  • Verified value — Improving the looks, protection, and fuel efficiency of your truck can do much to retain its value over the years. A quality truck bed cover keeps the bed safe from sunshine and moisture, improving its condition if you decide to sell your ride.

Truck Bed Covers for Every Need

How you use your truck will play a major part in deciding what type of tonneau cover you should purchase. 

Soft Covers

Drivers looking for an effective and affordable way to protect their truck bed and its contents can invest in a soft tonneau cover for ideal results.

  • Roll-up covers — You can improve your mileage and vehicle aesthetics in a very affordable manner. Soft roll-up covers attach along the sides of the truck with camps and can roll up for convenient storage. This option is lightweight and versatile!
  • Tri-fold covers — Comprised of a durable canvas with a sturdy frame, you can provide rigid support for your truck’s bed in a very affordable manner. Improve your vehicle aesthetics and store this product behind the cab when not in use.

Hard Covers 

Drivers interested in a more durable option can elect to invest in a rugged hard tonneau cover. These options tend to cost a little more, but offer better security for those looking for the best protection. Soft covers do keep your truck bed out of sight, but if someone was truly motivated to gain access, they likely could. Hard covers also offer seamless looks that create a smooth appearance.

When it comes to hard covers, you have a number of quality options, including:

  • Tri-fold covers — This style provides rigid protection in a convenient format that allows you to access either end of your bed with ease. This is the best choice for those looking for an affordable hard cover.
  • Roll-up covers — Achieve the convenience of a soft cover with the security and strength of a hard cover with this style,which relies on heavy-duty aluminum and vinyl.
  • Retractable covers — Benefit from a low-profile look and ideal convenience with a retractable bed cover. This tonneau cover retracts into a storage device at the front of the bed, providing you with maximum access without the need for removal.

What About Other Truck Accessories?

Many drivers inquire as to how their new tonneau cover will fit with toolboxes, ladder racks, and other truck accessories. You can find a range of truck bed covers from our trusted manufacturers that feature precise fits for a range of add-ons. Visit Mid-South Truck Gear in Olive Branch or Memphis for complete assistance!

Why Buy Through Mid-South Truck Gear?

Our aftermarket truck parts and protective coatings are available to drivers across Memphis and Olive Branch. We know the value of having a ruggedly reliable truck for both work and play, and will be able to help you find the best truck accessories to meet your needs and budget. You can achieve a killer look for your ride!

Warranty Coverage for Life

We stand behind the quality of our truck accessories and services, and will warranty your tonneau cover throughout its lifetime against defects on quality or craftsmanship. Mid-South Truck Gear is here to provide rugged results that you’ll love.

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Professional Installation Services

If you’re worried about installing your tonneau cover, no problem! The team at Mid-South Truck Gear is here to help. We offer professional installation so you can drive away with complete peace of mind. Our factory-certified installation experts ensure that your truck bed cover is installed right, preventing dangerous surprises as you head down the highway. We also take special care not to damage your vehicle, avoiding dings and scratches associated with DIY installs. There are plenty of resources out there to assist you in installing your own tonneau cover, but keep in mind that our professionals will guarantee the results of our services!

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