Three Options for Protection

Your truck can be updated with one of three premium LINE-X services offered by our professionals. You can choose from three levels of protection:

  • STANDARD — Setting the standard for quality, this LINE-X coating provides serious protection. Balance the most functionality with affordability with our base product, and benefit from a protective coating that will not crack, bubble or peel.
  • PREMIUM — You can benefit from industry-leading UV protection for a spray-on bed liner that will look beautiful forever. If you desire a beautiful appearance for your vehicle 20 years from now, be sure to invest in this fade-resistant option for a long-lasting finish.
  • XTRAIn the automotive aftermarket, customization is the name of the game. That’s why LINE-X® is available in a full spectrum of color options. Whether it’s coded to match your vehicle or your favorite color, LINE-X products can be customized for an even more personalized look.

Mid-South Truck Gear and Mid-South LINE-X are committed to quality.

For more than 15 years, our truck shops in Memphis and Olive Branch have provided quality improvements to drivers looking to make the most of their investment. Your ride is essential for work and play, so be sure to find the right truck accessories in order to enjoy the experience through each and every mile.

Our team takes pride in the quality behind our work, and we’re confident that our spray-on bed liners will provide the best level of protection for every adventure. You spent a lot of money and time turning your vehicle into your dream truck, so be sure you don’t cut corners or invest in an inferior product!

Ideal Defenses

No other protective coating delivers the same level of protection as LINE-X sprays. Whether for vehicle applications or industrial applications, the pros at Mid-South LINE-X can help you protect your investment for the long haul.

Boasting a tensile strength of up to 6,600 pounds per square inch, LINE-X polyurea coatings are the perfect balance of rigidity and flexibility. This spray-on coating also achieved a high Shore D hardness rating, ensuring your truck’s bed is protected from a variety of impacts. No other product on the market keeps scratches, dings, dents, gouges, and more away like LINE-X!

Keep Liquids Out

One advantage of LINE-X coatings is that they bond at the chemical level. This adhesion provides a quality install on most surfaces. Drivers wanting to keep rust and corrosion at bay will be happy they trusted LINE-X to get the job done. Our product is formulated to keep moisture out, preventing your exposed metal surfaces from oxidizing. 

Drivers who frequently haul solvents and acids can find peace of mind with their LINE-X’d truck. This polyurea coating resists stains and corrosion from these harmful elements. As long as you keep your truck bed clean with mild soap and water, you can expect a lifetime of defense to retain the beauty of your truck liner.

Fast Turnarounds

LINE-X sprays cure fast. This liquid product hardens within 15 seconds, allowing it to be sprayed vertically and even overhead. The result is a clean, smooth finish that you’ll be proud of. Within 15 minutes, your spray-on bed liner should be cured enough for light duty. After 24 hours, you are free to put your new investment to the test!




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Beautiful Appearances

LINE-X is more than a rugged polyurea coating — it is also a fashion statement. You value your vehicle, and this spray-in bed liner proves that you’re in it for the long haul. No other polyurea coating looks as good as our finishes. Mid-South LINE-X offers a range of extra colors to make our customers happy, as well as custom stencils to personalize your bed lining. We can also provide color matching to provide a perfect aesthetic improvement. You’ll leave our shop happy with the results, as our LINE-X sprays will look as if they are fresh off the factory floor!

Proven Results

There are so many spray-on bed liners available, it’s important to find the product that will yield the best return on your investment. LINE-X coatings are an ideal investment for off-road enthusiasts and jobsite professionals alike, delivering trusted protection year after year. No other polyurea coating in the industry can boast such claims, especially in the hands of professionals such as Mid-South LINE-X. Our spray-on bed liners in Memphis and Olive Branch deliver rugged results that you’ll love, and our project gallery is here to prove it.

Unbeatable Warranty Coverage

LINE-X provides protection you can count on, but if for some reason you notice an issue in the quality or craftsmanship of your spray-on liner, you can benefit from a lifetime warranty. Drivers can take their LINE-X’d truck or product into any of the authorized dealers nationwide for fast, free repairs. Issues such as flaking, bubbling, and peeling can be addressed at no cost to you. We’re confident that we’ll provide you with a professional result, and you can rest easy knowing that your investment will be protected for a lifetime!

Have questions? You can contact us online or visit one of our two locations for complete assistance. We look forward to serving you!